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Weighing & Electronic Identification Solutions

As the world demand for productivity grows, the requirement for biosecurity and traceability of animals from pasture to plate increases, so too does the opportunity for Tru-Test Group.

Measuring livestock performance is vital to maximising farm productivity and profitability. The information provided by Tru-Test Weigh Scale Indicators ensures quality decision making on feed, health treatment and herd size management.

On its own, weighing is a valuable addition to a farming operation. The emergence of Electronic Identification (EID) allows farmers to go further by maximising the potential of the weigh data for decision making and is the core tracking technology for animal traceability schemes.

Accordingly, our offering includes world leading and award winning Weigh Scale Indicators, EID readers and Weighing Accessories that truly add value to our farmer customers lives.

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“Without accurate records you have no idea where you are or where you are headed!...Tru-Test Group has proven they are a company that’s taken an aggressive stance on helping the livestock industry get ahead.”

- Jimmy Curtis, Ranch Manager (North East Texas, United States of America)