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Our Values

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Our values define how we do things at Tru-Test Group. We’re passionate about achieving genuine performance through the power of teamwork and continuous improvement. Our values support our purpose and define the way we measure performance. 

Be Decisive Do What's Right Kepp Getting Better

Act with purpose, make a call and make it happen.

Making it happen doesn't mean making everything happen. There's always plenty to do so make sure you're focused on key priorities.

Stand behind your decisions, knowing you've used your best judgment, involved the right people at the right time, and have a team backing you.

Use your best judgment and do what's right by each other, by our customers, and by the company.

If you see something you think isn't right - say something. Don't be afraid to speak out.

Relentlessly look for ways we can do better. Discovering problems is a good thing. Don't shy away from them - they tell us how we can improve.

Learn every day, and let your experiences make us better - as individuals, teams and as a company.

Be open to new ideas and contribute beyond your role.


Make a Big Difference


Be a Team Player


Have empathy with our customers and drive for solutions that make their lives better.

And do the same within our company.

Be positive and challenge existing thinking. Sometimes a small idea can make a BIG difference.

And of course, do your best to turn ideas into action.

Respect each other, help each other and back each other.

Be mindful of the common goals we share. Try and understand where each other is coming from and assume that everyone is doing their best, they usually are.

Have fun together, learn together, improve together and win together. And enjoy celebrating those wins!